Visual Perception and Body Language Workshop


Poster designed by Jessica Taylor

Section V Visual Perception Workshop, CCA Club Room, 8 September 2015

The Visual Perception Workshop was formulated in response to archival research into the experimental practices emerging from Ted Odling’s Section V of First Year Studies at Glasgow School of Art from 1965 – mid-1970s. The workshops were inspired by Odling’s perspective exercises, and seeked to explore ways of looking and seeing through apparatus and devices. The first workshop was presented as part of the Material Culture in Action conference, taking as its starting point an exercise devised by Odling that had students animate basic geometric shapes to music. The exercises were an amalgamation of these two descriptions from students of Section V from the late 1960s.

Elspeth Lamb, student of Section V (1969-1971) and Bob and Eileen Murray, students of Section V (1968-1970)

The workshops recontextualised Odling’s methods using overhead projectors, coloured acetate and iphones to capture animations based on geometric shapes using a short section from Dave Brubeck’s, Unsquare Dance, 1961, which was the music used in one of the original exercises.


Animation produced by workshop participants: Leah Armstrong, Tim Ingleby, Nancy Tulley, Oona Wilkinson. Other participants: Graham Barton, Jacqui Casher, Colin Stevenson, Alison Stevenson

Body Language Workshop, Assembly Hall GSA, 17 September 2015

Using the animations generated during the first workshop, the second workshop, Body Language took place during Freshers Week and functioned as an interpretation of Odling’s initial exercise. Developed in collaboration with current GSA student MollyMae Whawell who devised a movement based workshop exploring the spatial and material capacities of Odlings research drawing upon notions of embodiment, exploring how we calibrate our bodies in space and use our bodies as tools for interpretation & communication.

The workshops were devised and led by Debi Banerjee, Research Assistant, and Kirsty Hendry, Student Engagement Co-ordinator, GSA Students’ Association.

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