Recovery Project


Plaster Casts on the Move!

“This makes the casts in fact priceless” Recently some of the GSA Archives…


Objects of Survival: Treating and Re-cataloguing Fire-Damaged Ceramics

GU placement Hillary Fortin provides an update on her work treating and re-cataloguing…


GSA Archives has moved!

How time files! If you have not already heard, the Glasgow School of…


Road to Recovery

Recently the Scottish Council on Archives (@ScotsArchives) released Issue 33 of their Broadsheet…


The Recovery Project Continues!

It is time for another archive recovery report! At the moment our collections…


The Archives & Collections Recovery Project is Underway!

Polly Christie, our new project officer for the Archives & Collections Recovery reflects…


An Update on the Archives and Collections

Six months on from the Mackintosh Building fire, The Glasgow School of Art…


Our Plaster Casts and Objects

The Mackintosh Building has always hosted a number of plaster casts comprising human…


Recovering our Textile Archives

We have covered paper and are now onto our wonderful textile collection. The…


Recovery from the Mackintosh Building

It has been a while since we have blogged after the sad incident…


Our Paper Based Archives

As promised we have an update on what has been happening with our…


The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections

You all will have seen in the news the sad events of Friday…


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