New Wave: Materials, Methods and Media, Glasgow School of Art 1970-1986

An exhibition, workshop and series of podcasts produced as part of a research project for Glasgow School of Art’s Archives and Collections by Debi Banerjee.

New Wave podcasts will be released weekly, see below.

Episode 05 – Some are big like pebbles and some are small like sand

Episode 05 ‘Some are big like pebbles and some are small like sand’….

Episode 04 – Talk, Make, Play

Episode 4, ‘Talk, Make, Play’ is the second part of the podcasts focussing…

Episode 03 – Evolutionary not Revolutionary

Episode 3, ‘Evolutionary not Revolutionary’ is the first of a two part podcast…

Episode 02 – Section Five

Episode 2, Section Five – Section Five was an experimental First Year course…

Episode 01 – First Things First

The aim of these podcasts was to supplement the data in the Archives’…

Visual Perception and Body Language Workshop

Section V Visual Perception Workshop, CCA Club Room, 8 September 2015 The Visual…

Art School in Action

  Art School in Action was an exhibition presented as part of the…

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