New Wave: Materials, Methods and Media, Glasgow School of Art 1970-1986

An exhibition, workshop and series of podcasts produced as part of a research project for Glasgow School of Art’s Archives and Collections by Debi Banerjee.

New Wave podcasts will be released weekly, see below.

Bruce Lace Poster for Activities Week, designed by Jimmy Cosgrove 1973 (Archive reference: GSAA/EPH/10/109)

Episode 05 – Some are big like pebbles and some are small like sand

Episode 05 ‘Some are big like pebbles and some are small like sand’….

Still from 'Zoo Opera, The Trip', performance work Steven Campbell, ca. 1980. 
Image courtesy of Jayne Taylor O’Neill

Episode 04 – Talk, Make, Play

Episode 4, ‘Talk, Make, Play’ is the second part of the podcasts focussing…

Bill McQuarrie, Mixed Media Studios. Richmond Building, c1977. Image courtesy of Brian Ward

Episode 03 – Evolutionary not Revolutionary

Episode 3, ‘Evolutionary not Revolutionary’ is the first of a two part podcast…

Example work made by Ted Odling of Section V excercise, c.1970

Episode 02 – Section Five

Episode 2, Section Five – Section Five was an experimental First Year course…

GSA Prospectus 1973-74 P22 (Archive reference: GSAA/REG/1)

Episode 01 – First Things First

The aim of these podcasts was to supplement the data in the Archives’…


Visual Perception and Body Language Workshop

Section V Visual Perception Workshop, CCA Club Room, 8 September 2015 The Visual…


Art School in Action

  Art School in Action was an exhibition presented as part of the…


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