Episode 03 – Evolutionary not Revolutionary

Episode 3, ‘Evolutionary not Revolutionary’ is the first of a two part podcast which looks at the Mixed Media course at Glasgow School of Art which ran from 1977-1981. This first part focuses on the formation of the department, which was set up and run by Roger Hoare. Mixed Media was set up as an area students could go to experiment with different media and to help create fluidity between Fine Art disciplines. The voices here provide some context to school’s environment in the 1970s, it is a combination of people who’d studied and taught on the course and impressions from students and staff in other departments.

This podcast features, in order of appearance:

Alastair Macdonald, studied at GSA from 1973 and specialised in Product Design. He started to teach in First Year Studies in 1984 and later in the Design School. He is currently Senior Researcher in the School of Design.

Jayne Taylor studied at GSA from 1978 and specialised in Printmaking.

Brian Kelly studied at GSA from 1976 and specialising first in Printmaking and then moved to Mixed Media. He started to teach at the School from 1985 and currently teaches 4th year Sculpture and Environmental Art.

Carol Campbell was married to Steven Campbell who was in the Mixed Media department for a year from 1980.

Jimmy Cosgrove studied at GSA from 1968 and specialised in Printed Textiles. He was a member of staff at GSA from 1973-1999 and held a number of positions during this time including: Head of Printed Textiles Design, Head of First Year Studies and Deputy Director of the School.

Roger Hoare worked at GSA for 8 years from 1973. He started as an assistant in the painting department and set up Mixed Media in 1977.

Bill McQuarrie studied at GSA from 1973-1977, specialising first in Graphic Design and then Drawing and Painting, spending his final year in Mixed Media.

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