Episode 02 – Section Five

Episode 2, Section Five – Section Five was an experimental First Year course run by Ted Odling. Initially the course was set up in 1962. In 1965 Ted was awarded a Leverhulme Fine Arts Travel Grant to visit Art Colleges across Europe, following this trip Ted set up a new General Course at GSA for first and second year students.

This podcast features in order of appearance:

Noelle Odling, daughter of Ted Odling.

Jimmy Cosgrove studied at GSA from 1969-1972, specialising in Textile Design. He became a member of staff at GSA from 1973-1999. He started as a Lecturer in Textile Design, then Head of Printed Textiles, Head of First Year Studies and subsequently Deputy Director of the School from 1990-1999.

Jacki Parry studied at the school from 1970-1975, specialising in Printmaking and then gained a post-graduate diploma in Printed Textiles. She worked in both the Design and Fine Art school and became Head of Printmaking in 1991.

Elspeth Lamb, a student of Section Five from 1969-1971 then specialised in Printmaking.

Bob and Eileen Murray, students of Section Five from 1968-1970, specialising in Graphic Design and Printmaking.

Lyn McLaughlin, started as an AV Technician in the Architecture School in 1978 and then went on to work as a Technical Assistant to the whole school in various departments. She currently works as part of the Learning Technology Resource unit.

Alastair Macdonald, studied at GSA from 1973-1977, specialising in Product Design and started to teach in First Year Studies in 1984 and then in the Design School. He is currently Senior Researcher in the School of Design.


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